martes, 20 de febrero de 2007

Sentence connectors

In Unit 8, we have been working with sentence connectors as AS SOON AS, AS A RESULT, FIRST, FINALLY, AFTER THAT or AS A RESULT. This is your chance to create your own text with these connectors.

As usual, I will give you a couple of examples. One is the description of a process and the other one is an invented story.

PROCESS: Going to Molares
First, I go to the garage to take my car. As soon as I am in my car I turn on the radio to listen to music. After that, I leave Seville and start my way to Los Molares. Finally, and after driving for more than half an hour I arrive at Los Molares and I go to my beloved I.E.S Francisco Rivero. As a result, I am ready to go to my English and Ethics lessons.

STORY: The golden hat
Mary and Tom were in the street and they wanted to buy a costume. First, they went to a shop but it was closed. After that, they decided to buy some sweets because they were hungry. Finally, they went to an old bookshop. It was full of beautiful presents. But there was a special one: a golden hat. As soon as they saw it, they wanted to buy it. Unfortunately, they couldn't because they had no money. As a result, they came back home and told their parents about the golden hat.

Now, I will give you a little present for those who read my blog. I leave here one of my favourite songs so you can listen to it at home. Enjoy it!

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consuelo lópez rubio dijo...

hello pablo

Tania dijo...

first, I go to the high school. After that I go the football practice.Finally I go to my home.

carmen dijo...

hello Pablooo!!
firs, I am going to do my homework,after that I am going to study for exam. finally I am going to go to the bed.

carmen dijo...

pabloooo I want a positive!

carmen dijo...


Estefanía Vélez Utrera dijo...

Now I am going to make my comentary:
-In the hour of the break FIRST we (I and my companions) put the kiosk AS SOON AS begin the break.Next the clients(students) begin to buy, one of them are you (Pablo),don´t is necessary what you request, we already know what you want(the of always,an "arazú")jejeje.FINALLY sound the stamp and we go to class.AS A RESULT we arrive later to class (don´t always)but doesn´t pass anything, better for we(jejeje).
NOTE: if you don´t like my favourite singer, you don´t have to laugh of me, you must respect my tastes,ok?


Ah!I have already listened you favourite song, is well but the music of JESSE McCARTNEY is better!! jejeje, is joke, I respect your tastes, I am not "como" you.

Estefanía Vélez Utrera dijo...

I don´t know if is good writte, but....of all "maneras" puts to me a positive, PLEASE!!!!

Estefanía Vélez Utrera dijo...
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Estefanía Vélez Utrera dijo...

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laura dijo...

hello I can't write I'm sorry.

Estefanía Vélez Utrera dijo...

I AM BORED................GOODBYE!!

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