miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

Reported (Indirect) Speech

We have been working with reported speech in the last weeks, so now I want you to change into reported(indirect speech) the following conversation.

Julie: "I am really tired"
Mum Rose: "Why are you so tired?"
Julie: "I can't tell it to you now"
Mum Rose: "Can you repeat that?"
Julie: "I prefer to stop this conversation"
Mum Rose: "What do you mean?"
"Have you done something wrong?"
Julie: "I don't know"
Mum Rose: "OK, you must go to do your homework now"
Julie: "I will do them in less than a hour"

Remember the introductory forms X said that ..., X asked if ... , X asked wh- ... and to change the verbal tenses

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2007

Habitual actions

Hi my students!

Today I want you to write a list of ten of your habitual actions. Thus, we can know each other better and have some fun. Remember to use simple structures and to use frequency adverbs such as ALWAYS, NEVER, SOMETIMES, OFTEN, USUALLY, etc.

I write an example about my habitual actions to help you:

1. I drive to Los Molares every day
2. I usually watch TV at night
3. I rarely go to the cinema
4. I often play football
5. My students are always nice to me!

Now it's your turn to write!