miércoles, 7 de febrero de 2007

Predictions and plans

Remember that we have got an exam this week. So, in order to practice what you have learnt you should write three predictions and three plans. Make sure your comments (commentaries) are personal and do not copy anybody else's ideas. I write an example of some of my ideas.

Predictions: My students will have a great mark in English
I will marry a lovely girl in the future
There will be less crime next year

Plans: I am going to go to a foreign country in the summer
We are going to have dinner at the end of the academic year
Some of my students are going to go to Tenerife soon

That's all for this week. Keep on writing and good luck for the exam!

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Laura dijo...


-I am going to play volleyball .
-I am going to study for english exam.
-I am going to buy sweets and a magazine.


-I will have a boyfriend in the future.
-I will be a doctor or psicology child.
-I will buy a red big car.

bye friends....

Marta García dijo...

HELLO PABLO!!! I am Marta García.
PREDICTIONS:I will have got a good life
I will be happy in the future.
I will work of administrative.

PLANS: I am going to go to the cinema this weekend.
I am going to see to my friends today.
I am going to have got a positive in English,no?

Estefanía Vélez Utrera dijo...

Hello PABLO!!!
Now I am going to do my commentary:

-I will be rich in the future (I will win the lottery someday)jeje.
-I will have got a good boyfriend what want me.
-I will meet my favourite singer (JESSE McCARTNEY)in a concert.

-I am going to have got the tittle of secondary soon.
-I am going to leave whit my friend ROCÍO this night.
-I am going to give you a present tomorrow, is joke, if you give to me first the present,later I will give you a good present.jejeje =)


Hellooo!Iam jessica.

-In 2.019 I will be a teacher.
-I will work in Italy in 2.027.
-I will travel to the France.
-I will be happy.

-Next week, we are are going to go to the cinema.
-On Thursthay I am going to visit the dentist.
-Iam going to travel to Tenerife this summer.
-On Saturday, I am going to buy clothes.

MAKY dijo...


-I will live in a modern house in the future.
-We won't eat, we won't sleep.
-I will travel to the Roma with my friends in 2.031.


-I am going to buy a dog soon.
-We are going to travel in a three month time.
-I am going to go to the cinema with my boyfriend next Saturday.

waly dijo...


-I am going to go to friend's house tomorrow.
-I am going to play football this afternoon.
-I am going to go to cinema this weekend with my girlfriend.


-I will travel to the moon in the future.
-I will have a big house
-The animals will be more intelligent

pruna dijo...

-I will play football in the future
-there will be a lot of computers the next year.
-I will be soldier in the war future

-I am going to travel to mallorca
-He is going to solver my inglis problem.
-I am going to eat my sanwiche.

Janet dijo...

Hello Pablo!!!

* I am going to play a computers games this afternoon.
* I am going to eat pizza tonight.
* I am going study Maths
* I will study a career.
* I will travel around the world
* I will buy a big house

Good Bye!

MARINA dijo...

I am going to play football
I am going to study English
I am going to clean my room
I will be police
I will be a big car
I will play football with Pablo and his friends

nando dijo...

hello pabliccio!!!!!I am Nando.
My friends is Jose de valme.
-In 2.019 i will be a techer
-I will work in Italy in 2.017
-I will travel to the France
-I will be happy

-I will buy a FERRARI
-I will go to Maysa

nando dijo...

Hello Pabliccio!!!!!t va a enterar el lunes

Estefanía Vélez Utrera dijo...
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